Ecuadorian Line and South Pacific Shipping Choose Thermo King's MAGNUM® Unit

Belgium (August 10, 2009) - Miami, Florida-based South Pacific Shipping became one of Thermo King's newest banana shipping customers when it took possession of 344 MAGNUM® container reefers recently through TAL International, one of the world's premier container leasing companies. The MAGNUM units were delivered to South Pacific Shipping General Agents of Ecuadorian Line's Antwerp, Belgium, port in two separate shipments and have since been put into service through Ecuadorian Line's ports of call, primarily for the transport of Bonita Bananas.

"This was our first Thermo King product order, and we've been very impressed with the service and training we've received in various locations, as well as the MAGNUM reefer performance itself," said Captain Kurt Maier, senior owner consultant. "The fast pull-down and energy efficiency of the MAGNUM were the key draws for us when we looked at this powerful unit. Side by side tests and real-world testimonials proved MAGNUMs performance, and now we're seeing it ourselves."

Training on the operation and servicing of the MAGNUM reefer was provided by Thermo King corporate sales and service management as well as the extensive Thermo King dealer network. "We conducted training for personnel in Ecuador and Antwerp," explained Gino Ansaldi, sales director & service manager, Americas, Thermo King Global Marine Solutions. "Proper operation, product loading techniques and regular preventive maintenance servicing are keys to quality, dependable MAGNUM performance. We like to partner with our customers from the start to ensure they understand all aspects of unit operation and maintenance before the first product is loaded."

Bonita Bananas ( is the fourth largest global banana exporter, and its sole distributor is Pacific Fruit, Inc., which has been providing its customers with consistently fresh high-quality product for more than 50 years. Bonita boasts locations throughout the world including North America, Argentina, Europe, Japan, and New Zealand, and relies on Ecuador, the world's largest banana exporter, for its quality core product line.

Ecuadorian Line, which operates approximately 3,000 refrigerated containers, is Bonita's General Agent for South Pacific Shipping Cargo Division, offering first-rate cargo service in either 20- or 40-foot reefer containers to North Europe and the Mediterranean. The vessels also take return cargo, containerized and non-containerized, back to South America and the U.S. markets. Ecuadorian Line's European head office is in Antwerp, but the company has branch offices in Rome and Zagreb, as well as agents in all major European ports.

Thermo King introduced the MAGNUM reefer in 2002, a simpler, lighter, more efficient and more powerful unit that provided a wider range of cargo temperatures while extending reefer box life and never compromising cargo care. Its fast pull-down capabilities make it an ideal choice for banana shippers.

Thermo King is the global leader in solutions for temperature-controlled transport, supplying the world market from 11 production facilities and over 800 distributors world-wide. The company offers a wide range of refrigeration and heating units for vehicles of all sizes, from small vans to large trailers, as well as airborne and ocean-going containers. In addition Thermo King provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for passenger buses and railcars.

Thermo King also offers service maintenance programmes and finance solutions, as well as a range of accessories, temperature monitoring, and tracking equipment. For more information on Thermo King's products and services please visit

Thermo King Corporation, a business unit of diversified industrial firm Ingersoll Rand Company Limited, was founded in 1938 and manufactures transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, shipboard containers and railway cars. The company operates 10 manufacturing facilities and 17 parts distribution centers worldwide. Sales and service is provided by a global dealer network of 865 independently owned companies in 75 countries.

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