Thermo King Introduces EcoPower PLUS for Gensets

Belgium (December 2, 2008) - In spring of 2007, Thermo King launched its SG-3000 series of gensets and its optional EcoPower fuel saving technology. With the only electronic microprocessor controller in the genset industry, this technology combines the latest electronics to sense not only the type of reefer it is powering, but also its mode of operation. Armed with this knowledge, the genset automatically determines the most energy-efficient operation mode -EcoPower or standard, while respecting the ISO1496-2 standard. As a result, operators get the most efficient operation possible while never compromising cargo care. But it just got better. Thermo King now has EcoPower PLUS.

The benefits of the original EcoPower application of technology have been enormous. Fuel savings of more than 20% were easily achieved compared to its nearest competitor. This translates into approximately 300 gallons of diesel saved per genset, based on a 2,500 hours/annum operation. With fuel having been as high as $4/gallon, this is as much as $1,200/annum. In 2007, 95% of Thermo King gensets were sold with the EcoPower option, and at customers' requests, the remaining 5% were retrofitted in early 2008.

Now, Thermo King's engineers have topped this achievement. A year's worth of data from thousands of genset data loggers has helped them further improve on the already- industry-leading performance of EcoPower. And once again, they have done it while continuing to care for the cargo while respecting the ISO1496-2 international standard.

EcoPower PLUS -More Fuel Savings, More Environmental Benefits Users of SG-3000 gensets with the new EcoPower PLUS option will save 30% or more fuel over traditional gensets. In addition, the ENVIRONMENTAL benefits are equally outstanding, regardless of fuel price fluctuations.

Every gallon of fuel saved equals 10.1 kg of CO2 emissions avoided. So implementing EcoPower PLUS will save 513 gallons/annum, avoiding 5.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum. Over 10 years, and a fleet of 1,000 gensets, this is 52,000 tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions. Customers can become environmentally responsible without compromising cargo protection. Thermo King is proud to lead the industry in reducing the carbon footprint of genset users around the world.

Purchasers of Thermo King's SG-3000 with standard EcoPower within the last 18 months can easily upgrade to EcoPower PLUS by contacting their Thermo King representative.

Imitators cannot compete with SG-3000 and EcoPower PLUS

"A number of reefer manufacturers have introduced various energy-saving software solutions to the market in the recent past, in an effort to compete with Thermo King's MAGNUM® reefer energy efficiency," said Mike Stark, Thermo King sales manager, gensets. "An EcoPower PLUS genset will burn LESS fuel if these software solutions are switched OFF, rather than left active."

To put it in numbers, when compared to the nearest competitor, an EcoPower PLUS genset powering a standard reefer will consume approximately 35% less fuel with energy-saving software de-activated. If the energy saving software is activated, the fuel savings is 30%.

"This may sound too good to be true," continued Stark. "But it is the same principle car drivers use. Holding a steady speed is far more economical when it comes to fuel consumption than stop-start driving. It is also a lot more comfortable for the cargo. With the SG-3000 genset and EcoPower PLUS, users also get the added benefits of decreased CO2 emissions and proper cargo care."

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